#1 Is America fit to lead a War on Trafficking?

I will offer several reasons why America is not a fit candidate to lead a war on trafficking. Our War on Trafficking is about sexual abuse of women and also slave-like labor conditions. A war often depends on its military forces although I grant you in this war our primary warrior is the Department of State. But let’s talk about the US military anyway.

I strongly recommend an award winning documentary movie The Invisible War which explains in great detail how the US military services, all of them, are rife with sexual abuse (including rape) of women and men too. Currently 20% of women serving in the military of the USA have been sexually abused. It is estimated that since 1991 over a half MV5BMTkyNjUzOTg4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTIyMzc4Nw@@._V1_SX67_CR0,0,67,98_AL_million sexual attacks have taken place. There were 3,230 sexual assaults reported in 2009 alone. It is estimated 80% of all sexual assaults go unreported.

This is only half the story. The punch line, I guess you could say, is that when there is a reported sexual assault it is well documented that officers in charge will cover up the assault. When there is a reported assault the same officer that commits an assault or his closest friends will be the only parties authorized to investigate and put forth any criminal process. Officers protect themselves.

There have been some recent changes partly due to this documentary, but the problem still exists.

So, my point is that we are talking about war, the War on Trafficking. And the country that is taking it upon itself to lead this war around the world has a military that itself can’t treat women with respect.  

US military lifts ban on women in combat: official


From my experience most pimps, mamasons, and customers treat sex workers with more respect – in sex workers own words – than the American military treats the women who serve next to them.

Maybe this has nothing to do with sex trafficking, or maybe it does. Aren’t you offended to hear about policemen who, at times, are known to take advantage of American sex workers they should be protecting?   That can describe America’s military too. 



Maybe this is one more reason America should stay home and mind its own business regarding trafficking instead of demanding to be the world’s policeman, something they clearly don’t want.

So, is America fit to lead?  Whatever you decide, that is what you should tell your congressmen and congresswomen.

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