My angry rant about a crazy petition and most blogs too

A lot of misunderstanding about international sex work is deliberate.  Some is ignorant.  And some, while seemingly innocent, is a mirror response to what people expect to see or have been taught to see.   Here is my favorite example of the most extreme kind of lying about trafficking – –

People who have been to Angeles City (AC) Philippines will have a good laugh reading this so called petition about AC. Petition for the closure of the Angeles Prostitution slave camps,

SORRY, but the company that operated the online petition site has apparently collapsed and the entire site is gone.  It isn’t often that websites like this just disappear, but in this case is is a good thing and possible related to the crap they accepted on their site as I will describe next.  The petition existed at that address for at least two years.  I will remove this post in a few months as I still want to tell people how this should offend us all – – 

Those who have not been to Angeles City will shutter at what this “petition” says.  Crazy stuff!  Some people may even sign the petition.  Up to you, of course, but finish reading this first before your heart strings are plucked by the crazy things you will read.

Those who both read this petition and have been to Angeles City can easily see the ridiculous lies and extreme exaggeration which surely has influenced people who fail to use their common sense.  But it is NOT laughable.  It is serious!

  1. The very first sentence says that a “A woman or Child is raped or killed on average every six seconds in Angeles City.” (Note their capital C in child.) This amazing sentence alone should provide the switch that turns on your common sense to evaluate other facts to come.
  2. Later the text describes brothels on Field Street with armed guards and barbed wire to prevent prostitutes from escaping.  This is laughable.  Field Street is only about three blocks long and there is a big new MacDonald’s on the corner.  There are large bars there too.  Some are so big that they have several hundred young women who dance in mild Vegas-style shows all wearing tops and bottoms at all times.  Around these bars on nearby streets are very nice, mid-price resorts where I would take my family.  Each resort has 24 hour guards to check IDs to make sure  guest is at least 18 years old.  I defy anyone to show me those armed guards or barbed wire the petition describes.  That is a blatant lie aimed at people who are never likely to see for themselves.
  3. This “petition” goes on to describe how Philippine police dance to the tune of international gangs who intimidate them.  It’s those horrible Russian and Albanian gangs of course, the ones you learned about from TV shows and movies.  Trust me when I say the Philippine police have a solid, positive presence on Field Street and are not intimidated by anyone in their own country.
  4. Two thirds of the way through this “petition” is says, quote,  “In the last 20 years in Angeles City more than 300,000 women and children have died in prostitution death camps.”  Again, my common sense springs into action, as should yours.  I divided 300,000 by 20 for an annual average death rate of 15,000.  That is 1,250 per month, by the way.  Now, being an angry old man with a computer at my finger tips, I said WAIT!  That is crazy!  So, I Googled “death rate Detroit.”  Detroit, Michigan, USA is much bigger that Angeles City and is also known for its high murder rate in a country where handguns are easy to get.  Guess what?  The number of murders in Detroit in ALL of 2013 was 333.  So, we are being told that the murder rate in Angeles City is about four times higher every month than the annual murder rate in Detroit!  Guess what – – 


Those lies look very obvious to me and they should to you too.  Did the people who wrote this believe what they said here?  Maybe, but if they do they are stone cold STUPID!  And that is very possible too, I grant you.  Or they think you and I are stupid.  Maybe they think we will help their cause and maybe even send money if they exaggerate their tall tale beyond belief.  But that is the problem.  What they say is unbelievable.  That is obvious on its face.  It just isn’t true.  It should not be believed.

This petition provides more evidence of a whole range of exaggeration and lies throughout the rescue industry.

Evidence of more lies – – 

I grant you that this “petition” is one of the most egregious examples of lies and exaggeration I have seen.  Nevertheless as you read about trafficking online you will start to notice this kind of exaggeration and sensationalism almost everywhere.

The tone and emphasis in blogs are deliberately written to scare you and to teach you that trafficking is a huge problem – when it isn’t.  The real problem is the way this issue called trafficking is being shoved down our throats just as terrorism, gun violence, gay marriage, and many other issues are being promoted by their particular industries as a way to scare us.

They shouldn’t scare you because you know now you are NOT being told the truth!

Simple as that.  Lies for your support.    

One little blog, this one, won’t make any difference in the face of the power and resources telling the exaggerated stories.  But at least you know now to save your dollars for a better cause than trafficking.

Share your new understanding trafficking with others, including your Congressperson.


  1. I have seen this petition which is drawn up by a Filipina by the name of Susan Bryce.

    Mz Bryce among her talents, is also an Editor on Wikipedia, where her “expertise” (her words) stretches to this area. That creates an interesting scenario, as many of us will reference Wiki nowadays. For those of us who don’t know, we see the figures, and assume that because Mz Bryce’s figures are backed by Wiki, they must be correct. Of course we tend to take a different view, when we realise that Mz Bryce was the original source of these figures.

    In case anyone is interested in analysing her figures, here are some of the extrapolations that I was able to make:

    1. Every woman in AC is raped and/or murdered on average five times a year.

    2. The cost of sex in AC is $1.50 per pop. (No I have not misplaced the decimal point)

    3. There are up to 3,000,000 P4P transaction in AC daily. There being only about 150,000 men in AC, this is explained by the busloads of men being brought in from Manila daily. If you assume that each bus has 60 men and they each manage two “pops”, and that each bus is 45ft in length, they would form a line 142 miles long on a six-lane highway. The distance to Manila is 52 miles. This would mean that every second of the day, a bus either unloaded or loaded a full complement of passengers in AC.

    I am not a fan of Mz Bryce, and have let it be known on three Wiki pages she has started for her own self-aggrandisement. It is not uncommon to see that my comments have been deleted on one particular page. These are the comments that questions the integrity of Wikipedia, when they engage an Editor with an international reputation for dishonesty (you should see what the International Red Cross say about her).

    If anybody is interested, here are some links. You will need to look at the “Talk Pages”.

    (Please note that the entire contents of the talk page has been deleted, including my own comment. This is not a surprise as most of the comments were challenging the Authors integrity.

    More recently she has started a page “to deal with Psychopathic Stalking on Wikipedia”. I strongly suspect that this is to do with the persistent number of challenges to her integrity. If people persistently challenge her integrity (as I do), they must be Psychopathic Stalkers. It’s the Bryce version, of “Just because I am paranoid, doesn’t mean some bastard aint out to get me”!

    • I urge other people to jump on whatever bandwagon we can muster to get this crazy person off the internet. But she is a great example of the extremes that zealots can go to to make their case, whether honest, emotional, or even silly. I plan to see these other wikipedia pages listed above. But be careful you don’t give unnecessary attention someone who wants exactly that. I would be happy to get more attention for my website by having people attack me, but we don’t want attacks against this woman help her. A site attempting to be honest but which offends people is okay by me. But this woman gets some people’s support using crap that is obviously inaccurate and dishonest.

      • Apologies for the delay in responding.

        If you look at the actual petition, you will realise that the way they count votes is based on either people signing their name, or people who have commented saying that the thing is scam are all listed as supporting the cause. I haven’t looked at it for some time now, but the last time I looked, there were maybe 2,000 signatures, of which about half were garnered from those who were opposing the petition. So your point about being careful not to give her publicity that she can spin is well noted.

        • I am pleased to see that now that entire service of publishing petitions has “gone off the air” and presumably out of business. That petition and any other crap like it no longer have that media for its unbelievable story. It may pop up again where people claim to have been abducted by aliens. Frankly that petition was so off-the-wall crazy as to stimulate even the most sleepy common sense regarding this issue and so many others. In that way it will be missed.

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