General understanding of American foreign policy

I am not a fan of the United States foreign policy regarding the world’s sex culture.  I am an older man well past normal retirement age and I just do not recognize  the America I grew up with.

Here is one small example from the April 17, 2015 Bangkok Post, letters to the editor expressing this same angst:

Faux democracy rules 

RE: “Don’t burn bridges” (PostBag, April 15) 

If Farang Observer would look more closely at his dictionary he would see democracy defined as “Government by the people for the people”.  What you have in the US is government by the rich for the rich.  That’s not quite the same thing.

But maybe attitudes toward the rest of the world matter more than domestic systems.  China has a policy of not interfering in other countries’ affairs.  The US on the other hand is constantly interfering, often militarily, and often at the cost of millions of lives. 

I would suggest that these are relevant considerations too.  

                                             Signed:   Colin Roth

Right on Colin.  I can’t agree more!

PS: “farang” seen above is the Thai word for foreign, usually white, people


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