Just say NO to TIP


I direct this post to all countries on this year’s TIP list, no matter what tier.  Consider this: it is a good time to follow the advice offered some years ago by former first lady Mrs. Reagan – –


Just Say No!  Resistance is NOT futile!

Simple as that! Say no to TIP.   Help put this genie back in the bottle. Saying no this year will create a trend which started with two countries that I know of, and maybe more, who said NO in 2013.

Saying NO this year will continue the trend. 

More countries will do the same next year.

This is also good for your friend America.  Just like you, America has more important things to do at home.  And frankly America, to me at least, seemly fails to understand the political, religious, cultural, and, especially, the sovereignty of every country in the world regarding this issue they are working so hard to sell you under the name “trafficking.”

Your instructions under the TIP program are to find more victims, but, if it is so difficult for them to find victims, then maybe America simply does not understand what a victim of trafficking really means. Tell them.  Help America!

There are several good reasons to just say NO!  Here are three, but you can surely think of more:

First, most countries around the world, I suggest, are busy with their own problems. They have issues more important, more urgent, then signing on to America’s media paranoia about any specific issue important to Americans, but maybe not to you.

Second, this year I predict more countries will rediscover respect for their own sovereignty. They will take a – belated – stand when the United States government demands they change laws, speed up prosecutions, and increase punishments over an issue that the USA basically invented.  Last year Russia and Guyana refused to cooperate.  Click here for quotes from Russia’s press release from their Foreign Ministry.  Russia is distracted by issues in Ukraine this year and not the spokesman I would prefer on this subject.  But Russia, the world’s eighth biggest economy, said NO to TIP in 2013 in no uncertain terms. See details quoting the Russian Foreign Ministry here.  This year you can too.

Third, America is NOT on moral high ground regarding trafficking. Tell the United States Department of State exactly that.  In summary, America is (1) ranked among countries with the world’s highest rape statistics per capita; (2) has a huge sexual abuse problem in their own military; (3) lists 700,000 thousand people are on sex offender registries; (4) has more people in prisons than any other country in the world; (5) is  the only first world country with virtually no control over private ownership of weapons; and (6) is the only first world country to still use the death penalty, (7) is the leading control in production of legal pornography, (8) the country with an extreme feminist influence on politics, (9) one of the most prudish countries regarding available sex work whether legal or illegal where people sneak around in dark street for s simple BJ or pay thousands of dollars to be with the rich man’s playmates.

Maybe your country can be more help to America than America can be a help to you.

Make the offer!  Offer to help America – after you say NO to TIP.  

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