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TIP Report – No news is – ?     

In 2014 the United States Department of State Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report was released on June 20th.  In the last ten years the latest it has been released was June 28th.  It is well known for its June release date.  Yet, as of July 22nd there is no TIP.  What should an anxious Thai public deduce from this?  What should the entire world think will come next?   Will TIP just quietly disappear?  

We know 2014 was a tipping point for TIP.  There were two major exposes: Somaly Mam and Chong Kim, both TIP celebrities who cashed in on trafficking and both exposed as frauds. Who knows what else may have occurred behind the scenes!  Experienced people with international experience know with no more than their common sense that “fact” after “fact” reported about trafficking is just so much baloney.  Maybe the TIP narrative is starting to bump up against the common sense of the American public too.  If American media sensationalism is ultimately exposed it is possible that the general public will know that trafficking, as an issue, is just a mirage of our own media creation not worthy of the attention it gets.  Dozens of NGOs, many with government funding, ride the crest of media sensationalism regarding this one issue.  This blog has no doubt they will defend their baloney to the bitter end.    
Is it possible that the United States is catching its breathe in order to reconsider its extreme criminal justice obsession with this issue?  Academics and people in the field know international trafficking is symptomatic of bigger migration/population issues.  But, like US aircraft carriers, it isn’t easy for U.S. foreign policy to change direction.  
When the United States steps back from TIP, and it will, a first sign will likely be late delivery.  Ultimately TIP will quietly disappear – as it should.    
FROM:  John Kane  
Pictured:  Somaly Mam and Chong Kim, both of whom cashed in on trafficking and both exposed as frauds and deliberate liars in 2014.
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