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This is an expansion of the brief Mission Statement #1 on the HOME page.  

The faux-issue of trafficking is an American social panic issue.

America, sometimes referred to in song as the “home of the brave,” is rife with many inappropriate fears.  I am shocked at what my America has become.  Man up, folks!  

The social panic issue of international traffickings is one in which American Modern Day Imperialism (MDI) expresses itself in the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) program and other demands placed on countries around the world under threat of sanctions.  America is afraid so the rest of the world has to wring their hands and start running in this Chinese fire drill called trafficking.  

This book taught me so much regarding the academic understanding of social panic issues.

This book taught me so much regarding the academic understanding of social panic issues.

As an expression of America’s learned fear of trafficking, we have marched off on another war about a social issue.  George W. Bush used that exact expression.  He declared War on Trafficking in 2000.

But this is a faux-issue, simply false.  The rest of the world did not know what he was talking about.  We had to teach the rest of the world that this war deserved their allegiance to America’s declaration of war on trafficking.

In effect America has marketed this war.  There is a chicken and egg affect here.  Did thugs and gangs know that this trafficking thing was extremely profitable until America’s War on Trafficking advertised it as such?  

This is not the only faux-issue that qualifies as a social panic issue, but it is an international one.  

Consider these issues and see what you think – –

The epidemic of campus sexual assaults!  Horrible, but is it true?  

President Obama jumped onboard this one and I think it was a big mistake.  First, feminists academics have acquired critical administrative positions on many college campuses.  Second, two studies were seized upon regarding rape on college campuses.  Both were very limited and their academic authors admit that.  But these questionable studies were the excuse for this social panic.  The studies show very high levels of rape, like 20 and 25% over four or five years.  One consisted of  a written survey in the dining hall limited to two urban campuses.  That is certainly not sophisticated research and the author admits that.  

I urge you to read this response to this issue of campus rape, “The Campus Rape Overcorrection“.  

FBI statistics say violent crime of all types is at a 20 year low, including rape.  FBI stats also show it is more dangerous for women off campus then on.  Two other Federal Government agencies require reports on campus crime and they agree on rape at a rate less than 2%, not 20% or 25%.   

But special interests benefit from falsely generated fear.  New industries of NGOs are springing up to defend women and defend the inflammatory studies.  Even more important is that new school administrative procedures are being put in place that reduce rights of men to defend themselves against charges.  Men are tossed off campuses over the thinnest charges with little chance to defend themselves.  

What about sex offender lists?  

Based of violent attacks on children over 15 years ago we invented sex offender lists.  Sex offender lists protect us since we can know if there is one in our own neighborhood, right?  Well, sort of.  This too is another social panic issue with dangerous consequences.  

Sad to say but this social panic issue has resulted in huge civil rights abuses. Sex offender lists were once a great idea, but they have gone through drastic changes in the last 15 years.  Your friends and family could be at risk, not from pedophiles, but from being put on a sex offender list along with over 700,000 other people.  I urge you to read this amazing story too.   See how social panic issues, enflammed by media, can become dangerous as we collectively over react.   Read this explainaiton:  “Sexual Offense Laws and Constitutionality”  

Which social panic issues can you list?  

I ask you to consider your own list of social panic issues.  I will start you off with these – the vaccine inoculation issue, possibility of gun violence, international terrorism, pedophiles, and more.  Certainly all of these are real to some degree, but they have always been real.  We just did not react with fear as we do now.  

Thanks to new style media these kinds of concerns are also in our face all the time now with stories from all over country and the world.  Horrible stories that would have remained local stories 20 years ago now have power to frighten us as never before.    

I am sure you can add to this list social panic issues.  There is so much to be afraid of, but now we export some of our panic too.  That is the real danger of America’s War on Trafficking.  Other countries have to do their part, subject to sanctions, even if they don’t believe in it.   It should remain our panic.   We are making enemies, not friends, with our War on Trafficking.   

Let me close this by offering a video from Leonare Skenazy, sometimes billed as America’s worst mom.  

She will share her experience “All Fear All the Time”   – –

Ask yourself why Americans have to be afraid of so many things?

Now ask yourself why we need to force these fears on other people around the world?

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