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This is an expansion of the brief Mission Statement #2 on the HOME page.  

Trafficking is a migration issue.  

I strongly urge young people looking for a university major to consider migration / population / demography issues.  This is a growing field as the world is changing drastically in our life times.  Taking interest in what you study is an important step to leading a happy and intellectual life.  If you take time to read this you are expressing some interest already.  Get on board the migration/population band wagon.  

Trafficking is a symptom of huge churning of people on a planet with 8 billion people.  

Why do I say this?  Because this website is about trafficking, and trafficking of people is just one of many symptoms of

Refugee camps - not good.

Refugee camps – not good.

migration/population pressures.  Climate change and population increases are both much, much bigger concerns than trafficking, but just like an illness, we deal with symptoms too.

Some websites ask you to act on your concern for children, violence, and slavery, their big three.  They usually want donations too.

Consider the broader picture with our help here.

This website takes a broader, less personal point of view.  We will ask you to understand trafficking as a part of a broader picture of churning masses of people who out number jobs.  There are answers to the personal abuses of trafficking through a civil rights and migration point of view that do not exist when only criminal justice is considered.     

World Refugee Day 

June 20th (2015) was World Refugee Day.  The UN Refugee Agency reported that record numbers of people were forced to flee their homes.  A staggering 59.5 million people were forced to flee their home  in 2014. Migration is about movement of people, often crossing border chasing after a job opportunity, but it takes many forms.  Every time there is a war, a natural disaster, or a financial failure new refugees join the churning masses of refugees.  Technology is deadly (a deliberate word choice) for unskilled and semi-skilled people.  Technology may offer help to the middle classes but not to the unskilled.  Displaced farmers have farm skills.       

I am reading a very important book called “This Changes Everything,” by Naomi Klein which I will surely say more about on another page.



 But just an hour ago I read this on page 442,  “the armies of discarded people roving the world looking for temporary work.”  She was referring to oil field workers and others in the extraction industries (coal and oil extraction)  I think those migrant workers are wealthy compared to third world farmers, and their daughters, displaced from their farm to make way for industrial size agribusinesses.  “Roving the world”, as she said, is not so easy when new anti-trafficking laws tie the hands of smugglers and traffickers who are the only route available for so many of these displaced persons.  

Trafficking laws make the market for traffickers.  

Listen closely:  When new trafficking laws demonize certain kinds of movement of people those new laws make the market for traffickers.  The stricter the laws, the more abusive we can expect traffickers and smugglers to be.  Traffickers are a type of business man.  There is no reason not to think of them that way.  The trafficker has no deliberate benefit from abusing anyone, but they must protect themselves.  The trafficker or smuggler of people, deserves to be rewarded for risks he takes.  When there are more and stricter laws the risk increases.  

Simple, right?  It is a lot easier and more productive to understand trafficking as a migration issue than it is to treat trafficking laws like another fence or visa process to control the movement of unwelcome poor people.

People out number jobs.  

Traffickers and smugglers are often seen as the good guys, at least by their customers.  There are a lot more smugglers than traffickers.  There are a lot more neighbors, friends, and relatives helping each other in informal cottage networks then there organized gangs.      

A huge misunderstanding of this issue results from crazy entertainment media and self serving NGO blogs.  This is dangerous.  America  went to war over lies about WMD.  We do not need to fall for that again because of exaggeration and lies about what trafficking is about!

You can help with this better understanding of the issue of trafficking.  Encourage this broader view point.  

I urge you to read more here on this blog.  

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