Mission Statement #4 People out number jobs!

This is an expansion of the brief Mission Statement #4 on the HOME page.  

Trafficking, is explained by people out numbering jobs.

Any understanding of trafficking must include a central role for population increases and decline of jobs for the unskilled or semi-skilled people.  This is a topic that is discussed repeatedly throughout this blog, but often ignored by others.  The world’s population is currently about 7.3 billion people (2014).  UN estimates are a world population reaching 8 billion people in 2020, and 9 billion by 2050.

We feed everyone now with less people on small farms – –  

In order to feed this increase in people far more industrialized agribusiness methods must be deployed.  It is no longer practical for individual families to feed themselves on their own little patch of ground or to fish day to day from a small boat.

Modern media result in people want more like other people they see – –

Thanks also to modern communications – internet, cable television – people who may previously have been satisfied with that subsistence lifestyle now want the same things they see that other people enjoy.  

A major aspect of migration – not to be confused with “trafficking – is the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas.  People bring with them what I call “farm skills” and struggle in this transition.  Migration literature confirms that solo female migration is at an all time high.  One job that straddles both rural and urban lifestyles is sex work.  Daughters are feeding their extended families around the world with sex work in a shocking number of cases.  

Technology is NOT the answer – –

Some might tout technology as a panacea for this problem with new opportunities arising from technology.  That may be true for the middle classes, but not so much for the unskilled and semi-skilled.  Fruit has always been picked by people because it is delicate, but new machinery is developed now that will pick fruit.  Examples go on and on of changes to work previously done by unskilled or semiskilled people that is no longer required or no longer enough to provide a living.

A basic tenant of this website is that people out number jobs.  While others ignore this, a basic knowledge of population growth and migration pressures provide answers to many questions about the issue of trafficking.  

If all focus is on criminal issues and more sensationalizing of children, violence, and slavery, real progress will be slow.  Many people will be harmed along the way – and certainly not rescued!  The answers lie in understanding migration aspects of trafficking.    

People outnumber jobs!  Do not forget it.

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