Mission Statement #5 Ignore media and listen to academia

This is an expansion of the brief Mission Statement #5 on the HOME page.  

Let’s demand better sources of information about trafficking.

I urge you to ignore entertainment media and its exaggeration and instead consider academic research as your best source for facts regarding this and most issues.

If you agree with the explanations throughout this blog that the issue of trafficking is highly exaggerated than it will be easy for thoughtful manyou to ignore media presentations that seem to have a principle purpose of entertainment or soliciting donations.  Exercise your common sense and you too will see the story of trafficking for what it is,  a lot of entertaining baloney.

And alternative source of information more likely to represent the truth is academic studies.  Most academic studies, by definition, do seek the truth regardless of public opinion or emotional understanding of an issue.

John, owner of this website, has completed some honest research in conjunction with Thailand’s Surindra Rajabat University.  Reports on its three phases are available elsewhere on this blog.  There will be more to come.

More research regarding the interrelated issues of trafficking, migration, population growth, etc, that you see here all deserve much more academic style research and respect for what we learn.


Unleash your own common sense on stories you see about trafficking.  

Consider the source.  Ask who benefits.  Ask for better information.    

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