Russia gave TIP the finger – –

I apologize for the mildly offensive language in my title, but that is the way so many people seem to talk these days.  It does get attention.

Yes, Russia – our old enemy, now sometimes our friend, and the eighth biggest economy in the world – that Russia – gave America the finger.  Frankly I am surprised it hasn’t happened before. 

So what am I talking about? 

America’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) program.  As you will see if you read more of my posts, I think the Trafficking in Persons program is one of the bigger mistakes the United States government is making.  It is imperialism that tramples on the national sovereignty of every country in the world by making demands, under threat, for countries around the world to change laws, increase prosecutions, and dish out more severe sentences.

Except for the cover the US gets through new first world concepts of globalization, this would clearly be recognized as imperialism.  Getting support form friends in the UN or EU does not Not make it Modern Day Imperialism.

After the 2013 TIP report, Russia had had enough.

This story I am reporting to you started with Reuters and appeared in my Bangkok Post on June 21, 2013.

The headline read Russia, China drop on US trafficking report.

Russia’s exact words – – 

Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying the TIP report used “unacceptable methodology” and that Washington grouped countries in the TIP report according to their sympathy with Washington.  Surprise!  I could have told you that, but it is significant that Russia’s equivalent of the US Department of State said it.

Russian Foreign Ministry statement went on to say “In fighting organized crime, including countering trafficking, Russian authorities will never follow instructions worked out in a another country, let alone fulfill conditions presented nearly in the form of an ultimatum.

Nearly?  It is an ultimatum!

Russia also promised to retaliate against any sanctions.

Does the phrase ” responding to imperialism” come mind?

It is useful for Americans interested in the issue of trafficking, and certainly anyone working in America’s Congress, to hear this reaction to TIP.  Americans need to put themselves in the shoes of other countries.

What Russia has said is exactly what I suspect many smaller countries would like to say.  But the smaller countries do not have the same authority to speak their mind as Russia.

Consider my post “Just say NO!”

America makes enemies with this kind of program, the TIP program, and America needs no more enemies.

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