Sex as recreation

Dare I say sexual activity is fun, pleasurable? If we put aside any confusion resulting from traditional religious control over all aspects of sex, then we can admit sex is fun. It is supposed to be fun, pleasurable. It is designed that way exactly so people will do “it” in order to continue our species.  Is that difficult to understand?

If the sexual act were difficult or painful, our entire species might have ceased to inhabit the earth long ago? Prostitution has been called the world’s oldest profession. But instead I suggest that sex is the world’s oldest form of entertainment. In the Stone Age I am quite sure no one went bowling or watched television, but from the earliest days of cave men and cave women sex provided a pleasurable experience. If the man was successful with his hunting he might share the best part of his catch with a favorite woman. If so, she was effectively an early form of sex worker by gaining preference over other women. There has been no reason to think early man was monogamous.

In the grander historic picture, whether or not sexual activity is considered recreational depends on which country, culture, or period of history we are talking about. We are currently in an ascending period in history when many people can admit sex is recreational again. The spell of religion is at an all time low in some places, but strong in other places such as Islamic countries and America. The oppressive control of religion on every aspect of sex has been broken for many. Both men and women can openly admit sex is a pleasurable part of their lives.  For this reason this makes sex, as entertainment, more of an egalitarian exchange both parties can enjoy, and admit they enjoy.

Do we need any more reason than that – when understanding trafficking – why men, and now more women too, enjoy company of sex workers who themselves can enjoy sex as part of their job without the burden of shame or recrimination?

It is my strong opinion that the issue of sex trafficking is only a thinly veiled attack on all sex work, at least for many zealots with a different way of understanding trafficking than me. For this reason learning that sex is supposed to fun and pleasurable for everyone involved is important.  


Given the chance conservative people, often fundamental religious people, will be back into our bedrooms with new requirements for us all. New laws attacking this ill defined issue called sex trafficking are an opening salvo of new initiatives that will get religion in bed with us, again, if we don’t watch out.     

Isn’t this an important reason to keep a close eye of the issue of sex trafficking?      

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