Thailand begs for TIP justice

Thailand is at the heart of the trafficking hyperbole, but remember “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to trafficking.  Or is it the other way around.  I guess that depends on whether you are in America – and if anyone cares when the issue is trafficking.  We should care.  Thailand should care!  

It is the TIP silly season, as is the case every Spring.  In Surapong urges US upgrade, March 28, 2014 my Bangkok Post reported that the Thai Foreign Minister (Khun Surapong) comes close to begging – yes begging – the USA to upgrade Thailand from a fifth year on Tier 2 Watch list on the US TIP report.  After a country is on the Tier Two Watch List for four years the US Dept of State has decided it is automatically reduced to Tier 3 which is very, very bad.  The alternative is to be raised up to Tier Two.

In 2013 both Russia and China were placed on Tier 3 and I urge you to read my post about Russia’s response.

What is Thailand doing about trafficking – – 

Thailand claims to have done all kinds of things to make the US Dept of State happy.  Thailand was adamant about how they sued and revoked licenses of job placement companies.  Apparently that is where the traffickers work the hardest in Thailand.  (I am always amazed to see job placement companies all over the place in some Philippine neighborhoods.  Maybe Thailand needs to ask how the ASEAN peer regulates them all.)

And more – – and very scary – – 

Something I saw in that news article was a little scary – no not a little scary, really really scary – is that Thailand is “fast tracking” trafficking cases through the courts.  To me this means that whatever had previously been considered appropriate time to apply proper justice is no longer necessary.  The goal, to please America, is to win some cases; show how tough Thailand is; and send some people to jail.  Maybe they need to follow the example of the Philippines and give a few foreigners life sentences so America will know they are serious.  But are they serious?  Or are they ignoring justice to satisfy America?  Interesting questions and we will have to wait and see.

Am I in Danger? – – 

If you don’t hear from me for awhile you might look for me on the fast track to swift justice.  When I offer alternative views about trafficking like this it will neither please Thailand nor America.

And let’s face it, no matter how you look at it “fast tracking” any aspect of a justice system to ward off American sanctions is a shameful way for Thailand to claim “justice’ is still being served.

Thai sovereignty is surely being ignored as well when Thailand changes laws to please America.  But changing laws, finding victims, and punishing traffickers (job brokers?) is what trafficking demands from everyone all over the world according the the United States.

TIP Justice finds new meaning when this kind of compromise is made.  To hell with sovereignty and to hell with real justice.  Let’s send some job brokers to prison to please America!

Shameful of course, but how many other countries deserve the same admonition because of American trafficking policy?

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