TIP Season Coincidence – get real!

Wooow!  What an amazing coincidence.  I’m kidding of course.  There is no coincidence.  In late April President Obama visited the Philippines and it is only normal to announce new agreements on a POTUS visit.  POTUS = President of the United States, this is what the State Department staffers call a visit by the President.

But what did he announce:  Two things – – 

First, the President’s biggest news was an agreement to berth additional US troops in the Philippines.  With China asserting themselves in the region and America’s pivot to the west, this makes sense.    There is one problem though.  The Philippines were an America colony for 50 years or so, and remained America’s stooge for many years after that.  The Philippine people were fed up with those American troops and happy to see them go.  I can research the exact dates – and I’ll do that later but this was not a happy announcement for the Philippine people.

America has many ties to the Philippines.  Many Americans retirees live there, especially former service men.  Maybe I’ll move there too.  One of America’s biggest – maybe the biggest – Veteran’s Hospital is in Manila.  Nevertheless the Philippines cherishes their own sovereignty and they don’t want to risk it again after so many difficult years as a Spanish and then an American colony.

And why would they allow Americans back in?  Two reasons:  one is that they do have risk facing off against the much bigger China.

Then, too, it appears that America has bought them off too.  The Unknown-3second “gift” – probably one of many we don’t know about – that President Obama announced was to take the Philippines of the list of countries on the Piracy Watch List.  On this blog we usually talk about the War on Trafficking and the TIP list.  But the United States is also in a War on Piracy of Intellectual Property.  Since 1989 and continuously since 1994 (19 years) the Philippines was on the piracy watch list.  Now they aren’t!  Coincidence?  Maybe, but curious nevertheless.

The Office of the US Trade Representative said the Philippines has made great progress in stopping piracy of intellectual property, but what else is he going to say when standing next to POTUS?  Being off this piracy of intellectual property list is apparently great for foreign investment.  So, money, money, money – surprise!

Next it will be TIP grace, as if they need it – – 

I will be holding my breath to see if the Philippines get a special blessing like that on the 2014 Trafficking in Persons list this June.  But the Philippines doesn’t need that blessing because they are already on TIER Two and not the watch list.  I wonder how many right wing, religious Americans know that.

The Philippines has an open, easy-to-find, thriving  sex worker industry with big neon signs and such in several major tourist locations – Manila, Subic Bay, Angeles City, and more.  Maybe the secret the Philippines can share with other countries is to throw several foreign men, but not Americans, into prisons on trumped up charges and throw away the key.  If you don’t know why I would say that switch to this  post and take  a look.  So far it is just Swedes and Aussies who got the shaft, but soon it will be American military guys letting off steam who should be prosecuted.  You’ll see!


Add story sailor who killed a ladyboy here

Politics – – 

One of the big complaints about the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) program is that it rewards our friends and is tough on our enemies.  It is polarizing.  And, with a careful reading of the annual TIP report, it is easy to see why people / countries would feel that way.

Seeing the Philippines get a big break after 19 consecutive years is sooo suspicious that it demonstrates to us how all of these non-military Wars the United States is in these days are used as chips in negotiation.

They are political.  Keep that in mind when you read those sad stories about saving abused children forced into prostitution.  It sounds so good, but it is just another chip on the political negotiating table.


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  1. With regard to your opening page, and in particular the sensationalising of the problem of Child Sex Abuse, I read a story from the Philippines, I read a story about a raid on an Angeles bar which stated that a number of girls were taken out of bar and examined by a dentist who pronounced them to be aged 17 based on their teeth. In addition a German was arrested having been caught in a lewd position with an underage girl. The German was named in the Article. The bar owner was to be prosecuted for using underage girls as prostitutes.

    There was something inherently dubious about the article so I did a bit of research and discovered that it was impossible to say that a girl was exactly 17 based on a dental examination. There is a rough formula to allow for margin of error, which is that if you decide that the teeth look say 23 years old, you deduct 7 years (leaving 16) and then calculate the square root of the remainder (4). This square root represents the margin for error. So the dentist will not say she is 23 based on her teeth, but estimate that she is 23 +or- 4 years that is to say, between 19-27. So clearly a dentist who says that a girl is exactly 17 has to be viewed with suspicion. Even more so when he claims all the girls were 17. He should have stated that they were aged between 14 and 20. So immediately this raises the question as to what is going on when a dentist employed by the Police gives precise figures in an area where there is no precise science.

    I tried following up the story and some days later, I found the sequel regarding the story of the German. Apparently even though he had been caught molesting an underage girl, he was allowed to continue his holiday after paying a fine.

    You have to ask yourself why he was not deported immediately? I googled his name and it did appear reporting his arrest in PI, but when I googled him on the German version, there was no mention whatsoever of this man.

    Again a few days later, there was a press release from ICE at the Manila US Embassy restating the story, and how they had provided technical expertise to assist the Angeles Police in the raid.

    One of my criticisms of NGO’s in Cambodia, is that whenever a foreign pedo is arrested, every NGO claims the credit for having brought this to the attention of the police. This conjures up the vision that if it is indeed credit due to all of them, how could he not realise he was being followed by 2O different orgs? My suspicion here is that ICE, not having got their names into the paper for some time for putting a stop to this evil, claimed credit when it had no involvement in the matter, if indeed it ever took place at all.

    Of course what really helped the story, was a supine local media, who when presented with potentially good tale, failed to pick at any of the glaring holes that were staring them in the face.

    If you want to verify this, let me know and I will try to locate the link for you.

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