Is there a trafficking conspiracy?

The Kennedy assassination, the flight to the moon that took place in a NASA warehouse, those aliens living in Area 51, and of course trafficking.  Am I a crazy person to claim there is a conspiracy regarding trafficking?  No I’m not because I don’t think there is a conspiracy.  But I hope people I trust will tell me if I start to look like I am one of those crazies.  But why do I even need to say this? 

Here’s why.  The very fact that there is no conspiracy is important.  People are rallying around a need to help abused, raped girls, and why shouldn’t they?  But that is only a tiny symptom of the bigger issue that is being overlooked.

No conspiracy, at least I hope not – – but it is misunderstood and that’s the problem!  

What about global warming?  As far as I can tell no one is claiming a conspiracy about the issue of global warming.  There are people who disagree of course.  But the issue of global warming is to big and to universal to warrant claims of a conspiracy – yet.

The issue of trafficking is like that.  It is!  It’s big!  I consider trafficking to be one very public symptom of a huge –and even unnamed as yet – tidal ware of multiple pressures arising from population explosion, rural to urban migration, technological changes, and huge global changes.

understanding trafficking refugees are heroes too

understanding trafficking refugees are heroes too



What do you call it when population doubles two and a half times in my life time?  If you’re younger than me, as so many people are, our world’s population could double again in your lifetime.  What will you call the issue on our hands when the world‘s population doubles again (to 15 Billion people) as soon as 2080.  That is certainly within my grand-children’s life time.  Will there be food?  How long will it take to double again to 28 million people?

First food – – 

Will there be jobs?  That has a lot to do with trafficking.  If food is scarce people might stay home and try to feed themselves on their own little plot of land.  A piece of land will become more important then ever.

Then jobs – – 

But if the issue is one of to many people for to few jobs, then people will want to move around with hope to find a job somewhere else.  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  I think of new trafficking laws as a new fence to keep people in their place.  If there are no jobs here people will go looking there, as they always have, but we have no more wild west yet to be tamed.  There is only some place else where jobs are also scare.  There, wherever the jobs are, people will be ready to defend the jobs they have.

At its heart trafficking laws are really efforts to keep people where they are at now, food or no food and jobs or no jobs.  Trafficking is about control of an industry (traffickers) willing, often at great risk, to help people go some where else with a dream of a better life.  My post called Reverse Trafficking is of interest here as is the post about incremental trafficking.

Who is the enemy?  Who are traffickers?  

In March, 2014 Thailand announced their success in prosecuting job brokers.  They were frank about that being done to appease the United State TIP program to avoid sanctions.  Job brokers, they’re the enemy now.  Maybe they will be heroes of the future.  How many jobs were those brokers able to get someone, legal or not, good job or not?  It was a job and someone wanted to take it.  But it is also trafficking, a whole new category of crime, to help someone get a job where they do not legally belong.

Do we need to regulate job brokers, or send them all to jail?  Maybe we need to ask the United States government.

A conspiracy, no!

A huge tidal wave of global change roaring down at us, yes!

If you haven’t thought about trafficking in this way you have a ways to go to understanding trafficking.  

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