Whom do you trust to explain sex trafficking?

Here are two choices. You decide whom to trust or believe to truly understand trafficking?

First, there is a very religious woman from America’s sex culture, possibly from a small town, who may or may not have ever worked or even visited a poor foreign country.  If so she is seeking out abused and unsuccessful sex workers , maybe her main reason is to  convert them to her religion. She knows everything her peers have said about sex trafficking – children, abuse, slavery – and will tell you that with great conviction. She wants your donation.


Second, there is an older retired man, not particularly religious, who has lived in several countries famous (okay notorious) for sex industries. On a regular basis he meets active sex workers either for a drink and conversation or, yes, at times for the normal sexual exchange they are there to offer him. He is also a private researcher for a prominent Thai university.  He is retired from the US Department of State.  He has an MBA in marketing.  People “in the field” confide in him.  He does not ask for a donation.

Whom do you trust to help you understand the life story of real sex workers?  Who can tell you if a sex workers is a victim or not?  Yes, active sex workers can tell you that and this man is the one who can them and tell you what they say.  And he does!

There are plenty of choices in that first category, the category of people who will tell you the sad stories they hear as they seek out unhappy, unsuccessful sex workers. They tell those stories, and only those stories, because they need your donations.

I am that other person – quite rare it seems – who can share experiences of many sex workers who do not consider themselves to be abused or subject to violence. I have known many sex workers who seem to enjoy, or at least tolerate well, what they do. They know they earn more money than nurses or school teachers even though they, themselves, have little education or job skills.  They may discover that have real aptitude for sex work.

I think the true story of sex workers, as it relates to sex trafficking, is under reported.  There is more than one point of view.

That is a reason you should read every post on this blog.

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